Challenge Accepted: Dining Out as a Vegan

Almost immediately after changing my diet to vegan, I was confronted with the ultimate challenge:  Road trip across the U.S. with three children.  Even worse, we headed South – through chicken and waffle country.

pexels-photo.jpg We had many stops along the way, including a truck stop in Missouri – ouch!  This was by far the worst of the stops as far as options went.  Everything was fried, or had meat, butter, milk…or all of the above!  I opted for a waffle – no butter, and maple syrup.  I also had hashbrowns (okay…these had some butter and probably oils, but I was starving!) coffee and orange juice.  Not the healthiest meal I have ever had, but again – this was a truckstop. In Missouri.

We stopped at other places such as The Old Spaghetti Factory in St. Louis with several pasta options, and salads with bread.  Desserts consisted of fruits, sorbets, and a few places with vegan baked goods.  Others had options as well: baked potatoes, sides of vegetables, bread, rice dishes, fancy salads.  We even stopped at a Greek restaurant in Nashville that had multiple vegan options that were much more substantial, and absolutely delicious.  20170925_1236241409825777.jpg

I discovered pretty quickly that this new lifestyle was not going to be nearly as difficult as I originally thought.  It just required a little more consideration about what I was putting in my mouth – not necessarily a bad thing!  I found multiple websites and apps to use along our route for planning, and to keep using once home.  The following are just a few:

  1.  This site provides several resources, links to other sites and just general information about restaurants that are vegan-friendly and those that are vegan-hostile.
  2.  This one allows you to search by region, and provides a great list by city.
  3.  This site also has a phone app, and includes recipes, articles, and more.

Just because you have decided to go vegan does not mean you are sentenced to a life stuck in your home chopping vegetables and growing your own food.  I am NOT one to garden, don’t love to cook, and I DO love to go out to eat.  It is possible if you just plan ahead a little, but even if you don’t, there are almost always options.  If I can eat at a truck stop in the middle of nowhere Missouri, you can find options if you try!  Bon Appetit!





  1. We are having something of a vegan revolution over in the UK at the moment, chain restaurants and independents alike are providing vegan options and often whole vegan menus now. The supermarkets are producing vegan ready meals and vegan substitutes are cropping up everywhere. It’s nice, but I also worry it panders to my laziness!

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