Don’t Go Veg to Get Skinny…

Um…yeah. So when I started this little expedition into veganism, I was so excited about all the pounds I was about to drop. I was finally going to have one of those waifish runner bodies…solid, lean, pure muscle! Fast-forward a few months to an exponential weight gain. W.T.H.?!

Sad, but true. Veganism did not produce the slim figure I was hoping for. Quite the opposite. I had to quickly take a step back and look at my diet habits. What was I doing wrong?

Well, first off…I use entirely too much salt. This is still a hard fact that I am dealing with. I love salt. Oprah loves bread…I love salt. Vegetables just don’t taste right to me without it. I am learning and trying to wean myself. Salt leads to water retention (and hypertension). Must cut the salt. 😨

Next failure…Just because it is vegan does NOT mean it is healthy! Please review my “Don’t Be Judgy” post. There I was, judging what others were buying, while I stood there with my Beanitos, my Oreos, my Veggie chips….EPIC FAIL! I tell myself my kids need snacks. But then I have one…and another…and another…. All the while justifying it because it is vegan.

My next mistake was processed foods. I am busy. I have three busy children. I didn’t think I had time to cook whole foods. So, I bought processed foods. Frozen “fish” fillets, vegan boxed mac and cheese, processed vegan sauces…You get the idea. These are no better than regular processed foods except they are vegan. I will not likely get away from them forever, but I am trying to limit them. A lot.

Last but not least, I had a tiny vegan diet menu. I didn’t know what to make, so I made the few things I knew over and over. Unfortunately, that involved a lot of pasta, potatoes, and rice. All okay in minimal amounts, but not on a daily basis. Following the vegan food pyramid (Google it) is my new goal.

I am still learning. I am always looking for kid-friendly, healthy meals. I have learned to plan out my meals more, and do a lot of meal prep on weekends. I am still fighting the weight but it is getting there, and I do feel better overall. So, if you run into this hurdle, don’t give up! Look for cookbooks, or good Pinterest sites. Check out other blogs. There is a wealth of information available. Also…once in a while…have the cake!



  1. Great post – this is me – I love to try all the new vegan food (and I mean ALL) whether it’s in restaurants or from the supermarkets, rather than focus on healthy home cooked fare, this is resulted in a weight gain rather than a loss since I switched from veggie to vegan 3 years ago – oops!


    • Yep! It has been a re-training in many ways! I am finally going back down the scale, but it takes a lot of will power just like any other diet would. Keep me posted on your journey. Love hearing from others on the same path!

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